Born in São Paulo and based in Rio de Janeiro, Rose Carvalho is one of the most talented designers on the Brazilian jewellery scene. Rose works on all fronts to ensure perfection in her designs, from artistic creation through to design, manufacturing, diamond and gemstone cutting, to personalised customer care at her studio in Rio’s upmarket Leblon neighbourhood.

Rose’s creations are inspired by the studies of Carl Jung, using archetypal images in the forms of Mandalas and the Universe. The exquisite collection (or designs), made from precious stones and gold, create lenses which magnify to create an unusual perception of visual proportion. In Rose’s designs the diamonds capture the light, just as the stars light up the universe.

Rose’s high standards are inherited from 15 years of experience in the world of haute couture. Her jewellery designs reflect an outstanding artistic personality, all parts are handcrafted, with particular attention given to finish. Rose’s collections reveal the balance between sophistication and innovation. Rose’s jewellery designs have been exhibited in Brazil, England, France and Switzerland, and editorialised in top international and national magazines and books.

“The evolution of forms in the world and in the universe occur spontaneously, hidden and disguised amidst disorder.
It is necessary to resort the mechanism of perception so that they can manifest themselves.
To this surprise I have dedicated 
most of my interest and fascination.

Rose Carvalho


Rose’s jewelry reflect her strong artistic personality. Special attention to finishing from the inside out, her collections reveal the alluring balance between sophistication and innovation. Cutting and polishing gems one by one in the shape of crystal lenses provides a high demand of technical skill and design expertise. Unusual shapes of gold, soft colored gems reveal transparent reflections that invite the insight of the most mysterious corners of nature and the human mind.


Painting and sculpture serve as point of departure for works of art that dress the body. In the process of transforming art into accessories of eternal style, Rose Carvalho’s jewelery signature calls the attention to innovative possibilities, drawing the interest of exclusive markets and international exhibitions in prestigious galleries in Brazil, France, United Kingdom and Switzerland.


Special moments should be kept forever. PRIVATE are exclusive pieces designed according to each client desires and personality. Jewelry pieces that celebrate weddings, special commemorations, moments with meaningful and cheerful stories of our lives.




Like the bird that dies and is reborn from her own ashes, PHOENIX is a project of transformation of antique or out of use jewellery where the original material is recycled into updated and custom made pieces that will carry ever lasting memories and tenderness to the heart.


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