Bentley 100 Years Book Event

Exploring The Extraordinary


Rose carvallho’s remarkable designs were on display at the sophisticated launch party of the book “Exploring The Extraordinary” to celebrate 100 Years of Bentley Motors. The event took place in the stunning Great Room at Grosvenor House Hotel on Mayfair, London on June 7, 2019. In addition to exhibiting her work at the event, Rose Carvalho’s jewellery can been seen in the book.

Resonating with the book’s theme of luxury, a carefully curated selection of high-end brands exhibited at the book Launch, allowed more than 800 guests to immerse themselves in a world of luxury tastes, products and experiences. From Brazil, Rose Carvalho is the only jeweller to participate at the event and in the book.

Joia de Rose Carvalho - foto de Marcos Vianna

The beautifully designed 432-page hardback book was produced by two of the world´s most prestigious car clubs – the Rolls-Royce Owners´Club. Written by an editorial team of experts, hobbyists and opinion formers, the book publishes Bentley`s 100 years of groundbreaking design and engineering, and celebrates its status as one of the world´s leading names in luxury.



Rose Carvalho unique designs can be seen in the book, with photos of specially selected pieces.

|left photo|– Moon Necklace: inspired by the textures of the moon, part of the Lenses Collection. Hand made using 18k white gold with palladium , diamonds and quartz. |upper right photo|– Mandala of Time ring – inspired by the Expanding Universe (Stephen Hawking), part of Mandalas collection. Hand made using 18k white gold with palladium, white topaz and diamonds. |botton right photo|– Earrings from the Stardust collection – 18k white gold with palladium and diamonds. Hand made with gold dust blown over diamonds to emulate stardust.

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Rose carvalho, designer on the event – It was an honour to attend such a prestigious and important event for high-end quality brands. I received high praise and a lot of interest from the guests  and members of the Rolls-Royce clubs. It was a perfect partnership, one that I look forward to developing Further.




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